Cranes & Transportation catalog - Heavy Lifting

Taavura offers the most reliable services of heavy lifting and installation engineering in Israel.

We own and operate a large fleet of hydraulic and crawler cranes manufactured by the leading comanies: LIEBHERR,

SENNEBOGEN, GROVE, TEREX, NCK, and KOBELCO, ranging from 45 tons to 600 tons capacity.


AT cranes – All Terrain Mobile cranes with lifting capacity of up to 500 tons. The crane’s dimensions and mobility make

it highly efficient for combined road and off-road applications.

Crawler cranes– Lattice boom crawler cranes with lifting capacity of up to 600 tons. The cranes are most efficient for on going projects. Taavura’s largest crawler is the Terex/Demag CC 2800-1 – A Lattice Boom Crawler Crane that has

a 600 ton lifting capacity with a maximum boom length of 275 feet, and up to 591 feet with a luffing fly jib extension.

RT cranes – Rough Terrain cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 100 tons. These cranes are effective for lifting medium

-sized loads in on going projects. The cranes are approved for self movement only on the work site.